Business Formation




To file or not to file?  Forming a new business is an exciting and challenging time.



Whitnah Law, LLC can assist you with the all important tasks of entity selection, filing, and provide guidance on how to ensure that your business continues to qualify for the advantages of the chosen entity.  Some of the possibilities include:


▪ Corporation

▪ Limited Liability Company (LLC)

▪ S Corporation

▪ Limited Partnership (LP)

▪ Professional Corporation (PC)

▪ Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

▪ Sole Proprietorship

▪ General Partnership 


Business Transactions & Litigation


Once your business is up and running, you may require additional legal advice from time to time.  Some of the areas where you may wish to consider pursuing legal advice prior to finalizing a transaction or claim include:


▪ Contract Drafting

▪ Contract Disputes

▪ Employment Relationships

▪ Buy/Sell Agreements

▪ Business Reorganization

▪ Confidentiality Agreements

▪ Corporate Record-keeping

▪ Business Acquisitions

▪ Shareholder Derivative Suits

▪ Land Acquisitions                          

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